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Welcome to  the Kenya School of Government

The Kenya School of Government (KSG) was established by the KSG Act (No. 9 of 2012). The School is the successor of the former Kenya Institute of Administarion (KIA), Kenya Development and Learning Centre (KDLC) and the Government Training Institutes (GTIs) Mombasa, Matuga, Embu & Baringo..... Read More



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Upcoming Courses/workshops

Senior Management Course  4th—29th April 2016
Public Relations & Customer Care Course  4th—15th April 2016
Records Management Course  4th—29th April 2016
Performance Contracting Course  4th—8th April 2016
Financial Management Course for PHF Managers  5th—6th April 2016
Financial Management Course for PHF Managers  12th & 15th April 2016
Senior Management Course 4th—29th April 2016
Supervisory Management Course 25th April—20th May 2016
Records Management Course 25th April—20th May 2016
Secretarial Management Course 9th May—3rd June 2016
Essential Computer Skills  4th—22nd April 2016
Executive Secretarial Course 7th—25th Sept. 2015
Supervisory Skills Development Course 14th—25th Sept. 2015.
Kwale County Faith Based Leaders in National Cohesion 16th—19th June 2016
Financial Management course for Primary Healthcare Facility Managers 8th—19th Feb. 2016
Financial Management Course for CEC Members and Chief Officers 8th—11th Sept. 2015
Financial Management Course for County Accountants 14th—25th Sept. 2015
Public Relations and Customer Care No. 24/2016  4th—15th April 2016
Senior Management Course No. 256/2016 4th—29th April 2016
Report Writing—Office of the Attorney General 4th—8th April 2016
Retirement Planning—Museums of Kenya 4th—8th April 2016
Induction of New Staff—Controller of Budget 4th—8th April 2016
Counselling—Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs 5th—8th April 2016
Counselling Retreat—Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs 4th April 2016

Ongoing Courses/workshops

Police Officers Middle Management Course No. 40/2016 18th January—8th April 2016
Police Officers Middle Management Course No. 41/2016 18th January—8th April 2016
Secretarial Management Course  29th March—22nd April 2016
Senior Management Course 31st Aug—25th Sept. 2015
Essential Computer Skills  27th Jan—17th Feb. 2016
Higher Diploma in Secretarial Management Course 12th Jan.—30th Nov. 2015
Diploma in Social Work 4th May 2015—Sept. 2016
Certificate in Social Work 15/2015 4th May—Nov. 2015
Senior Management Course 31st Aug.—25th Sept. 2015
Corporate Governance Seminar 31st Aug.—25th Sept. 2015
Fraud Investigation & Prevention 31st Aug.—25th Sept. 2015
Executive Secretarial Course 31st Aug.—25th Sept. 2015
Statistical Package for Social Scientists 31st Aug.—25th Sept. 2015
Financial Mngt. Course for Public Primary Health Care Facility Managers 8th—19th Feb. 2016
Secretarial Management Course  29th March—22nd April 2016
Strategic Leadership Development Programme No. 102/2016  21st March—29th April 2016
Diploma in Public Administration—Ministry of Interior 21st March—19th June 2016
Strategic Leadership Development Programme No. 101/2016  7th March—15th April 2016

The KSG consultancy service portfolio spans across multiple service disciplines including but not limited to:

  • Strategic and Business Plans
  • Human Resource Manuals
  • Schemes of Service
  • Strategic and Business Plans
  • Human Resource Manuals
  • Schemes of Service
  • Board Inductions and Evaluations
  • Boards and Service Charters
  • Change Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Team Building
  • Customer and Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Skills and Competence Assessment.

Click here to view the latest assignments undertaken by KSG through its Center For Advanced Training, Research And Consultancy (CATRC)

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Employment Opportunity for Research Assistants  (5 positions)

The Kenya School of Government (KSG) is a state corporation established under an Act of Parliament, Act No. 9 of 2012. The School is located at Lower Kabete in Nairobi and has campuses at Baringo, Embu, Matuga and Mombasa. In compliance with the founding statute, the School provides learning and development programs to enhance skills, competencies, and professional ethos in the public service. The programs include training, consultancy, and policy oriented, problem solving research. The School especially aims to create a public service with the highest possible expertise to aid achievement of Kenya Vision 2030 goals.

The School seeks to hire highly qualified and competent Kenya citizens to the vacant position of Research Assistant on short term contract basis to work under lead researchers and support activities at the Centre for Advanced Training, Research and Consultancy.


  • Participate in research proposal development and design of data collection tools
  • Carry out literature reviews
  • Prepare annotated bibliographies
  • Design questionnaires, interviews and observation protocols
  • Administer questionnaires
  • Conduct interviews
  • Code, enter and analyze primary data
  • Prepare draft research reports
  • Proofread manuscripts
  • Facilitate research seminars, and
  • Undertake other duties as may be assigned by the lead researcher


  • Bachelor’s degree in social science, business studies, law, ICT, economics, project management, mathematics, or statistics from a recognized university (postgraduate qualifications, specialist research knowledge, and relevant practical experience in research will be an added advantage).
  • Knowledge of quantitative or qualitative data analysis
  • Good report writing and oral communication skills

The ideal candidates for appointment will be individuals who are interested in discovery of new ideas and knowledge, comfortable with field work, accustomed to computer-based data processing software, and attuned to working with close timelines. In addition, they should be able to:

  • Knowledge of the research process
  • Correctly interpret instructions and research assignments
  • Apply critical thinking, innovation and decisive reasoning to determine the best course of action
  • Use statistical software and computer applications to record findings and manage research information
  • Work in research teams
  • Speak and write clearly about their findings

If you believe you have the qualifications and disposition for this job, submit your application, including detailed curriculum vitae showing your email address and telephone contacts to:

The Director General
Kenya School of Government
P.O. Box 23030-00604
Lower Kabete Road,
Lower Kabete,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Applications, in both soft and hard copy, should reach the address above on or before 28th July 2016.


Release of Exams:- Administrative Officers' Examination Results 2015

It is notified for general information that the following twenty two (22) candidates passed and fifty three (53) candidates failed to attain a FULL-PASS in the examination held from 23rd to 27th November 2015. They are required to resit the paper(s) shown against their names.

Download AOS 2015 Gazette Results

Certificates Collection

Certificates Collection

Proficiency Examination for Clerical Officers Certificates for 2015 are ready for collection at Lower Kabete during working hours. Candidates are advised to come with the National Identity Card for identification.

Clerical Officers 2016 Exam

Proficiency Examination for Clerical Officers 2016

It is notified for general information, that the Proficiency Examination for Clerical Officers 2016 will be held from Monday 15th to Thursday 18th August, 2016 at the following examination centres;

1. Nairobi
2. KSG -Mombasa
3. Nyeri
4. Kisumu 
5. KSG -Embu
6. Kakamega
7. Nakuru
8. Eldoret 

A late registration fee of Ksh. 300.00 will be charged on all candidates who submit their forms after 7th June, 2016. The deadline for late registration is 21st June, 2016.

Examination Notification, Registration forms A & B ,Syllabus, Past papers and Instructions to candidates are available for downloading here.

Notification for Proficiency 2016

Instructions to Candidates

Proficiency Examinations Revised Syllabus

Form B Clerical Officers

Form A Clerical Officers

Past Papers 2014

Past Papers 2015  


Business Calculations

Communication Skills

Governance Civil Services Regulations

Human Resource Services

Office Practice

Organization and Functions of Government

Public Relations

Records Management

Supply Services

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