Centre for Public Finance

public financeThe Centre for Public Finance will support capacity development in public financial management, resource mobilization, revenue and debt, allocation and utilization of resources for delivery of goods and services via public procurement, reports and accounts for funds, outputs and results, external audit for oversight/ external accountability and the institutionalization of IFMIS. The Centre will promote networks of professionals and enter into partnership with multilateral and bilateral agencies, knowledge institutions, and peer organizations to tap the expertise of a broad range of individual experts in Public Finance.

  • Public Sector Financial Management
  • Budget Preparation
  • Cash and Treasury Management
  • Financial Accounting, Recording and Reporting (FARR)
  • Efficient Revenue Mobilization, Management and Mapping
  • Performance Auditing and Risk Management Strategies
  • Public Procurement Course
  • Designing, Developing and Managing Donor Funded Projects
  • Finance For Non-Finance Managers
  • Public-Private Partnership Management