Centre for Public Service Values, Ethics and Integrity (CPSVEI)

Public Service Values, Ethics and Integrity

  • Leadership & Development Course for Top Management.
  • Ethics & Integrity Development Course for Supervisors & Technical Officers.
  • Public Officers Ethics & Integrity Course for non- Managers.
  • Induction Programme for new Entrants in the service.

Every public servant is duty-bound to serve his country with dignity and pride, providing the best quality services available to the citizens.  When the entire public service does this, the nation of Kenya will develop exponentially and gain international standing. This can only be achieved once all public servants are aware of their duties and carry them out with passion, dedication, integrity and respect for all citizens.

The Center for Public Service Ethics, Values and Integrity to address this urgent need and to develop a public service that was responsive to the needs of citizens, by  enhancing transformative leadership and development of core skills and competencies for public officers.