Mission, Vision, Mandate

Mission of KSG

To contribute to the transformation of the public service by inculcating national values and developing core skills and competencies for quality service delivery.

Vision of KSG

Excellence in public service capacity development

Mandate of KSG

According to the KSG Act 2012 Article 5(2), the School shall:

  1. Provide training, consultancy and research services designed to inform public policy, promote national development and standards of competence, and integrity in the Public Service;
  2. Promote continuous learning for public service excellence;
  3. Provide programmes that promote a culture of decency, honesty, hard work, transparency and accountability among public servants;
  4. Facilitate the establishment of professional networks and think tanks to develop and grow public sector leaders;
  5. Develop linkages and collaborations with institutions of learning, professional organizations, private sector, schools of government and other similar institutions across the world;
  6. Monitor, evaluate and communicate the impact of strengthened education and training programmes for national leadership and management;
  7. Develop and deliver programmes tailored to promote the School’s mandate and clients’ needs;
  8. Conduct examinations and award diplomas and other forms of suitable awards to successful candidates; and
  9. Do any other thing necessary, or expedient for the discharge of its functions under this Act.

Core Values

The following are our corporate values:

  • Integrity : We are committed to acting with honesty, fairness, accountability, and transparency in all our operations;
  • Customer focus : We conduct needs assessment to ensure that our products and services are relevant and meet or exceed customer expectations to our customers;
  • Professionalism : Employees of all cadres will stand ethical scrutiny by being committed to high standards of excellence in day to day issues and operations.
  • Innovation and Creativity : We shall develop new products and services for our clients through continual learning and improvement.
  • Teamwork : We promote and respect unity of purpose among staff; We respect and promote unity of purpose among staff;