Masese: Strive to deliver what your certificate says

Kabianga University staff who attended the Performance Contracting Course at the School in Lower Kabete posed for photograph on the sidelines of their training

Certification proves to potential employers that an individual has attained certain knowledge of and experience in a given field. Indeed, it is certification that forms one of the proofs of an aspirant’s ability which allows a manager to make a decision on whether or not to evaluate a candidate further. Mr. Elkana Masese, a facilitator at the School, informed participants that KSG takes the certification process seriously and proving one’s technical skills, some of which involve participants undertaking examinations.

The desire to start and go through this process is the most valuable part of the School’s certificate as it shows determination and ability to complete a task.
“Once you receive a certificate from the School, it basically shows that you have accomplished its requirements, and may perform in an area. The most important aspect of all this is the reliability of the certificates you get,” he told them.
Mr. Masese, who made these remarks during the closing session of the Performance Contracting Course organized for the University of Kabianga staff to enlighten them on the knowledge and skills of developing performance management tools and the legal frame work therein, urged them not only to value the certificate they get but use it

“Take note that a certificate does not show your exceptional ability or demonstrate holistically to a selection authority that you are more competent than anyone else. Rather, it is a way to highlight your knowledge in crucial areas,” he said.
Mr. Masese emphasized the importance of valuing the certification process instead of referring to a certificate as a piece of paper or just a document. He said that there is need to use every certificate one gets effectively and for the intended purpose.
The University of Kabianga staff were taken through the preparation of organization performance contracting measurement tools, setting targets and evaluate performance as a way of demonstrating how to participate in the whole performance management system.

The president of the class, Dr. Cecilia Sang, thanked the School for adding value to the knowledge they sought so as to improve on their performance.
While giving a vote of thanks on behalf of the University of Kabianga Staff, Mr. Kipkoech Kimalel, said the KSG fraternity always responded promptly to their concerns in the times of need, congratulating the School for delivering the course beyond the expectations of the client.

“We are now sufficiently equipped with the required skills for performance and contracting. This is what makes KSG the best place for learning and contribution to the realization of Kenya’s Vision 2030 blue print.

By Simon Njiru

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