Accounting Officers Programme

Target Group
Accounting Officers, or otherwise bestowed with accountability for management of public assets and liabilities at both national and county levels of Government.

Program Objectives
Participants in the program should in the end demonstrate greater ability to:

  1. Work in concert with staff, stakeholders and other Government institutions and agencies for effective fulfillment of the mandate of public institutions;
  2. Develop appropriate leadership and managerial systems and processes for application of public resources, especially in respect of policies, strategies, budgets, performance contracts, and monitoring, evaluation and reporting;
  3. Establish a teamwork approach in the stewardship of public institutions across the public sector; and
  4. Direct compliance with constitutional, statutory and reporting requirements.

Learning outcome
The program seeks to transform public service agencies into highly compliant, accountable, and productive Government entities befitting the expectations of Kenya Vision 2030. Specifically, the course should lead to:

  1. Clarity of roles and responsibilities of the Accounting Officers;
  2. Enhanced accountability in management of public resources; and
  3. Harmonious relationship with other government agencies.

Benefits of attending
The program seeks to enhance skills and competencies for effective discharge of duties of Accounting Officers in public institutions and agencies.

Program Duration
The program will run for 5 working days.


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