Papers & Presentations

7. Revisiting The Role Of Public Administration In Africa’s Development: Strengthening The Human Re
The impact of the global economic crisis on Uganda: what mitigating role can public administration
The Impact Of The Global Economic Crisis On Employment And Labour Markets In African Countries
The Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on Africa By Dr. Finlay Sama
The Global Financial Crisis And Economic Implications For Tanzania By Delphine Rwegasira
The Current Global Financial Crisis and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Africa By Dr. Honest. P. N
Strengthening Regulatory and Oversight Role of Public Administration Institutions in Africa
Repositioning the Political Leadership in African Countries for problems and Challenges of Global Economic Recession
Impact of the Global Crisis, Sustaining Growth, Poverty REduction and Human Security in Africa
Challenges to the African Public Administration Systems Country case study of Ghana by Prof Ben Eghab
Paper No. 12 - Mr. Chung - Keung - Korea Resilient Economy and Decisive Meassure
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